Shots Fired AGAIN! Farrah Abraham Calls Out Nicki Minaj’s Brother For Rape Arrest Amid Unprecedented Feud

farrah nicki feud

The feud between Nicki Minaj and Farrah Abraham is certainly getting heated.

As we previously reported, the Anaconda rapper and the Teen Mom star exchanged some aggressive messages back and forth on Twitter after Miz Minaj called Farrah a “c*nt” for really no reason.

The MTV celeb has since deemed her home a “Nicki free zone,” as her six-year-old daughter Sophia is now no longer allowed to watch or listen to any of the A-lister’s music. It appears as though the Superbass performer is officially “dead” to the young mom.

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Can we really blame her??

Also, the 24-year-old feels that Nicki’s disrespectful comments weren’t only hurtful to her but to single mothers everywhere. That may be a bit of a stretch….

In a new statement to regarding her anti-Nicki stance, she shared:

“I thought when my press team sent me her tweets directed at me I asked ‘did someone hack her account’ I was in disbelief of the disgusting language she was choosing to use toward me, given I would think she would know editing doesn’t show what led up to my disagreements with my mom at the time.

I personally struggle with Sophia to not watch all of Nicki’s explicit videos as her consistent butt talk has effected Sophia wanting a large butt, as wanting to color her hair etc. I think it’s great to be creative and an artist and I try to keep it positive. When someone acts like their better and yet talk disgusting with choice of language I now have no respect for Nicki and I no longer will Allow my daughter to listen or watch her music.”

Well, if you thought the brunette beauty would simply leave it at that and take the high road — you’re about to be disappointed. In fact, the 16 and Pregnant alum not only threw shade at the hitmaker’s music but her brother too. In case you forgot, Jelani Maraj was charged with raping a 12-year-old girl back in December.

Mind you, Meek Mill‘s lady is the one who bailed Jelani out. Ugh.

Farrah continued:

“Nicki has no room to talk about my family relationships, nor insinuate I’m a porn star, or I have no idea why she is insulting Porn, again the scene had nothing to do with my sex tape, and for her to talk about my daughter, my mother and be disgusting and ghetto I no longer am supportive of her or her music. I have no intentions of wasting a further word on her. Keep watching my reruns Nicki and help your bro not rape people. I want to stay away from her and her family.”

Those are certainly fighting words. Though, knowing Nicki, she’ll have a pretty fierce comeback waiting for Farrah. Watch out, girl!

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Jan 11, 2016 1:08pm PDT