50 Shades Of Grey Will Reportedly Have Ten Additional Boner-Inducing Minutes Of Kinky Play On The Director’s Cut DVD!

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Get a panty change ready!

Fifty Shades of Grey was slapped and spanked with an R rating for movie theaters but apparently there were enough scenes that could’ve pushed that rating to an NC-17.

Or at least that’s the word from Dylan Neal who was one of the supporting actors in the film alongside Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson.

And he apparently also has other information for the world!

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The actor revealed that a Director’s Cut DVD should be on the horizon for sometime in June and there will most likely be TEN MINUTES added onto that DVD and a lot of it will feature the kinky sexy stuff they didn’t show in the movie!!

Here’s what Dylan said:

“I would not be surprised if maybe there was some extras in the DVD release or the directors cut. When we were shooting it they were probably always aiming for an R (restricted) rating. But there was lots of stuff left in the editing room which would push it over into NC-17.”

Oh that makes us so happy you just don’t know!

It’s hard to watch a movie like Fifty Shades while knowing you’ll have to wait so long to see the movie sequel.

At least this way we can look forward to this fantastic flick’s DVD release before worrying about the YEARS we’ll have to go through before another Grey movie hits the world!

Props to Dylan Neal for supplying the amazing information!!!

Mar 12, 2015 3:00pm PDT