Fox News’ Laura Ingraham Apologizes To Parkland Shooting Survivor After Mocking His College Rejections

fox news host apologizes to parkland survivor

Laura Ingraham has offered up her mea culpa.

As we previously reported, the Fox News personality was put on BLAST after she mocked Parkland high school student and gun control activist David Hogg for being rejected from various colleges. So rude.

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However, Hogg got his revenge when he encouraged his followers to reach out to Fox News’ advertisers and to ask them to boycott Laura’s time on the conservative network. At least THREE of Ingraham’s advertisers — including Wayfair, TripAdvisor, and Nutrish — announced that they were pulling their ads from her program.

Thus, we knew Laura’s apology was coming soon. In an attempt to squash the scandal, the 54-year-old wrote:

Huh. We’d buy this apology more, ya know, if she didn’t wait until advertisers started revoking ads. SMH.

Now we have to wait and see if Hogg actually ACCEPTS her apology. We doubt it, as he already retweeted this shady post by Lauren Hogg:

Snap! Snap!

[Image via Twitter.]

Mar 29, 2018 2:44pm PST

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