Going Gay


Jesse McCartney reaches out to his core audience (after the tweens) by posing for the cover of U.K. homo magazine AXM.

And he looks yum yum!

We’ve got an exclusive preview of the interview, and, yes, he talks about Zacquisha.

Here’s what Jesse has to say…

AXM: You’re certainly a sex symbol. And now you’ll have us boys chasing after you as well…
Jesse: Hey man! The more the merrier! You know a fan’s a fan. You know it doesn’t matter what your sexuality is.

[Let’s talk about] fellow Disney star Miley Cyrus a.k.a Hannah Montanna. Can you comment on the naked photo controversy?
I will comment about that. I think that people are nuts. I didn’t find any of the photos offensive in Vanity Fair. I thought they were artistic if anything. It sucks man. Everything about Miley was so sensationalized. I really feel for her you know.

Are you a Justin Timberlake fan?
Huge! I love Justin. I admire his work, I love his songs. I think he’s a great musician and entertainer… he’s the only other white boy I know that’s doing r’n’b music.

You’ve starred with Zac Efron in the past. Are you two friends?
Yeah. I haven’t spoken with him in a while. The only thing I can say about Zac Efron is that he’s really one of those people that you can’t help but love. He’s just so laid-back, almost too laid-back. He’s just so nonchalant about everything…

He seems quite focused to us!
Oh he’s really focused, but he’s got this ‘Yeah man! – whatever’ kind of attitude, which is great, in such a chaotic world. He’s super-talented and really humble.

C’mon there must be some rivalry between you…
None whatsoever. He’s one of those guys, you wanna root for him you know? There’s not a bad bone in his body.

Your film career has so far been for a much younger audience. Would you like to do more serious acting roles?
Definitely. I think after this album, I’m gonna take a little time to pursue that more and more. I’ve always been drawn to more dramatic, darker film roles. Hopefully I’ll have more time for it.

Would you play a gay character?
Yeah. You know an actor is an actor and an actor in my opinion should be able to step up and play any role, whether it’s gay, straight, whatever. It’s all about becoming somebody else, that’s what I love about acting.

Is there another male actor you’d like to act with?
Definitely. I’d love to do something with Edward Norton or Phillip Seymour Hoffman. My ideal role is to play kind of like, a fucked-up druggy, like Leonardo DiCaprio in the Basketball Diaries.

Going back to the gay question – if you had to have a Brokeback Mountain style co-star, who would it be? Somebody your age?!
Mmmm… if I had to have a co-star my age (pauses for a while)… maybe Emile Hirsch? He’s a really good actor. And maybe Shia LaBeouf.

Nice! Is there any men you look up to in the fashion world?
I like Marc Jacobs, I think that all of his stuff seems to fit me all the time. I love his suits and everything that he puts out there.

What about David Beckham?
Yeah. Beckham’s a stud man.

Jun 20, 2008 9:45am PDT