Eminem’s Daughter Has Some Choice Words For Taylor Swift!


First off, let us blow your minds with this simple fact:

Hailie Scott Mathers, which you might remember from the background of early Eminem songs, is SIXTEEN years old now.

Are you okay? Are you dealing with this in a healthy way? LOLz!

Not only is she 16, but she has a Twitter. Not only does she have a Twitter, but she has an obsession with One Direction. Not only does she have an obsession with 1D, but she thinks Harry Styles is her soul mate (regardless of his hair!). And finally, not only does she think Harry is her soulmate, but she really wants Taylor Swift to stop ‘whoring around.’

That’s a lot to swallow. Here’s what Hailie tweeted, in her own words:

That’s… that’s pretty rude. Taylor is just looking for love like the rest of us — so what if she’s actually found it in One Direction’s Harry?

Is that so crazy?

In the end, the only thing that matters is this: How does Eminem feel about you liking 1D??


UPDATE: It was all just a misunderstanding!!!

Those hostile tweets didn’t come the fingertips of Hailie Scott Mathers, but from a mean-spirited impostor hellbent on starting dramz between the two lovely ladies!

Hopefully Hailie and T-Swizzle are still the bestest of besties!!

[Image via WENN.]

Dec 4, 2012 7:09pm PDT