Is The New Children’s Book Vegan Is Love Too Graphic For Kids??

In the new children’s book Vegan Is Love, author Ruby Roth starts her vegan-friendly book with adorable illustrations of animals hugging and being just all-around cuties.

But then things get a bit scary…

The book then includes drawings of dead animals and bloody carcasses. It also says that animals raised for meat have “violent and sad” deaths.


We get the purpose behind the book – trying to teach children how to eat a healthy diet and to have compassion for animals – everything we completely support, but we’re not sure if children are ready to see graphic images of how the sausage gets made.

Ruby promises that her “goal is not to scary any child” though.

AND, what does this to say to children who live in meat-eating families?

Watch the video (above) and tell us what U think! Would U read this book to your child??

Apr 20, 2012 2:00pm PST

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