Jenna Jameson’s Ex Speaks Out About Her Recent TV Interviews: ‘What I’ve Lived With For 5 Years’!

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All this week, Jenna Jameson has been promoting her new erotic novel Sugar. But along the way, she’s been giving interviews that are much more troubling than they are titillating!

Now, her ex and father of her two children, Tito Ortiz, is speaking out about her recent TV appearances. But while the rest of the world was shocked at what they saw, he’s not the least bit surprised by Jenna’s on-air behavior!

Tito explained on Larry King Now, saying:

“Last Monday something was shown on TV and people got to see what I’ve lived with for 5 years. Was she two people? Yes.”

With Jenna’s suspected substance abuse taking center stage, Tito also talked about how their children are now under his sole care. He does want Jenna to clean herself up though, because he knows firsthand how hard it is to come up in a broken home. Tito told Larry:

“[She’s the] mother of my children and I pray and I wish she would get help for herself. I lived with her a long time. I came from a bad upbringing. At 13 My mom left my father. The kids are full time with me. Does she get to see them? She hasn’t tried to see them in 4 and a half months. Now she’s ranting and raving that she would do anything to see the kids. She has to pass some tests before she sees them.”

So, so sad.

Jenna has repeatedly denied being drunk or drugged-out while making the rounds on television this week. And although we can’t take what Tito says to be 100% true, something is CLEARLY up!

Whatever that is, we hope Jenna can get back to being happy and healthy soon!

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Oct 25, 2013 7:45pm PST

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