Jenna Jameson Shows Off Weight Loss After Battling “Abuse, Addiction, PTSD And Depression”

Jenna Jameson is strong, both inside and out!

Recently, the former adult actress shared the (above) before-and-after photo on Instagram detailing her weight loss after battling “abuse, addiction, PTSD and depression.”

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In the emotional post, the 44-year-old recalls being “heavy,” and how she suffered mentally as a result. She revealed: Read the rest of this entry »

“Let’s talk about the mental aspect of losing weight and getting healthy. I’m going to be honest with you, when I was heavy I hated leaving the house. I felt judged. I felt eyes on me everywhere. I could hear others internal monologue saying ‘damn, Jenna Jameson let herself go’ ugh. All of us do this, we worry so very much how we are perceived.”‘

However, the mother-of-three says the real challenge was whether she could lose weight while still maintaining her sobriety.

“But beyond that shallow thinking there was deeper shame. I was disappointed in myself. I was worried I couldn’t lose the weight Sober. I’m being real with you. When I was in my addiction it was easy to stay thin. Sobriety and being overweight was new to me. I kept telling myself if I could beat addiction and stay sober, I can easily lose the weight… and I did. The healthy way.”

With help from a “#ketodiet,” Jameson feels stronger than ever.

“And as of today I can say my mental game is STRONG. I feel I can do anything, I conquered abuse, addiction, PTSD and depression.”

In April 2017, Jenna welcomed her third child, daughter Batel Lu.

We’re glad to hear she’s focusing on her health this year!

[Image via Jenna Jameson/Instagram.]

Aug 14, 2018 3:02pm PST