Justin Bieber Flat Out Denies A Fan A Hug — Watch The Stone Cold Video HERE!

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Wow, Justin Bieber is regularly dissing his fans these days!

In a video shared to Twitter, Justin can be seen shading a fan who innocently tried to approach him for a hug. The disappointing exchange went down this past Monday at Barney’s in New York where Biebs was promoting his new clothing collab with Jerry Lorenzo.

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What’s crazy is this bad look went down just ONE DAY after news surfaced the singer blasted fans for attempting to give him gifts at a recent concert.

Yikes… maybe all that mediation isn’t working out so well for the 22-year-old. It seems like we end up reporting something negative about Justin’s behavior every other day!

As for the most recent snub, J.B. sarcastically says “no” when the Belieber walked up to him with her arms outstretched. It’s clear by the footage that the young girl was embarrassed and shocked by the exchange.

Watch the awkwardness go down (below)!

Damn… that was SO uncomfortable to watch!

On the other hand, Bieber does reserve the right to his personal space and privacy. While the delivery could have been MUCH better, he doesn’t have to give EVERY fan a hug or autograph.

So, whose side are YOU on here?

Jul 19, 2016 1:02pm PST

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