Kanye West Demands Pics Of Him Wearing A Skirt Be Removed!


Maybe he should have thought of this before wearing it to globally televised event!

Kanye West has reportedly asked Getty Images to take down pictures of him at the 12-12-12 concert for Hurricane Sandy relief.

You know, when he famously wore a leather Givenchy skirt on stage?

We’re not exactly sure why, especially since the event was back in December, but many believe it has something to do with the release of Lord Jamar‘s “diss track”, Lift Up Your Skirt.

The song is basically a full-on Kanye bashing sesh with lyrics like:

“He introduced skinny jeans to the rap scene and then he wore a f***ing skirt on the video screen. Then he wore it again at a memorial. I can’t pretend, this s*** is deplorable.”

Wow. Someone actually took time to write a song about that!? LOLz!

We think Kanye should let it go.

It’s too late to take the pictures down now, the whole world’s already seen them!

Feb 8, 2013 1:29pm PDT