These Little Girls Recreating The Hidden Figures Theatrical Poster Is Too Precious!

Kids recreate Hidden Figures poster.

Cute and inspirational!

Hidden Figures may be making box office bank and sweeping up awards, but it’s also inspiring a new generation of youngsters!

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In honor of Black History Month, students Ambrielle Baker-Rogers, Miah Bell-Olson, and Morgan Coleman from Milwaukee College Prep dressed up as the protagonists of the film, Mary Jackson, Katherine Goble-Johnson, and Dorothy Vaughan.

This photo is too perfect!

Organized by teacher Terrance Sims, the goal was “to create a series of posters that positively affirm the excellence of his students, as well as shine a light on the beauty of African-American culture,” according to Baker-Rogers’ mother, Jerrica Rogers.

Janelle Monae and Taraji P. Henson, who star in the film as Mary Jackson and Katherine Goble-Johnson, caught wind of the photo circulating on social media, and immediately gave their heartfelt approval!

Other similar projects in the past organized by the same teacher have included students recreating posters with inspirational quotes from prominent black people.

Yes! We love everything this project stands for!

[Photo courtesy of Jerrica Rogers/Buzzfeed]

Jan 31, 2017 7:43pm PDT