Sad News — Lorde Isn’t In Taylor Swift’s Squad Anymore!

lorde is not in taylor swift squad

Once a Taylor Swift squad member ALWAYS a Taylor Swift squad member, right? WRONG.

On Friday, Lorde revealed that she isn’t a part of the Blank Space singer’s famous squad any longer. *Gasp*

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During a sit down with Sunrise‘s David Koch, the Green Light singer dished:

“I don’t hang out with these people at all.”

Understandably, Koch was baffled by this confession as he replied:

“But hang-on, you’re part of Taylor’s squad, all the magazines tell us.”

Don’t worry, bud. This truth bomb has left us shooketh too. Of course, this admission comes only a month after the 20-year-old seemingly compared her friendship with Tay Tay to “an autoimmune disease.” And while Lorde and Taylor aren’t super close following the shady remark, it appears as though she still considers Swift one of her “idols.”

She continued:

“You know, you make friends in different places, but I think for the most part I’m not like, calling my idols for advice necessarily.”

Hmmm, very inneresting. In fact, it sounds like the New Zealand native isn’t a big fan of Tinseltown as she added that she uses make believe to cope with the demanding personalities in Hollywood. The A-lister noted:

“The second you think too hard about it, you’ll just go insane, so it’s best to be like ‘we’re in wonderland and it’s just what happens around here.'”

Huh. Not to mention, while chatting with Today host Richard Wilkins, Lorde quipped that celeb life is “a drag.” She even pulled away from the spotlight following her breakout success, as she relayed:

“I really withdrew myself from being a public person and went home.”

Fair enough.

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Jul 7, 2017 9:40am PDT