Twitter Reacts To Melania Trump’s Tone Deaf Tweet About How To ‘Positively Impact Children’ Amid Immigrant Children Separation Crisis

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Melania Trump continues to be either the White House’s worst First Lady or its best comedian.

Like, remember during the election when Donald Trump bullied all his opponents, critics, and accusers — then his wife said she’d use her platform to fight against online bullying? Hilarious.

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Now in the heat of the immigrant children crisis, Mel is back with her comedic stylings!

The former model drew the ire of the internet on Tuesday after tweeting that she and Spain’s Queen Letizia had tea and discussed ways they could “positively impact children,” sharing:

Yup, she used those words — while her husband’s administration is, as we write, separating immigrant children from their families and placing them in detention facilities, confined within literal cages.

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Melania could’ve specifically addressed the horror story the rest of us are appalled about. Or she could have stayed silent and pretended to still be in hiding. We wouldn’t have noticed!

But no, Melania (or whoever does her tweeting) specifically yet vaguely referenced helping children. Why? Because FLOTUS is secretly a comedian and this entire cartoonish administration is part of her stand-up routine.

Either that, or she’s just as evil as the rest of them.

Based on the reactions, most people are going with the latter:

We wish she was joking.

[Image via Kento Nara/Future Image/WENN.]

Jun 20, 2018 10:45am PST

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