New Jersey Couple Facing Murder Charges After Allegedly Suffocating 4-Month-Old Son During ‘Time Out’ Punishment

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Two parents are being held in a New Jersey jail, facing murder and conspiracy to commit murder charges after being accused of killing their four-month-old son during a ‘timeout’ at a motel.

William Herring, 42, and Brianna Brochhausen, 22 (both pictured, above), are facing murder charges in Springfield Township after investigators determined foul play during an incident that initially occurred back on February 14.

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According to prosecutors, the couple was with their four-month old son Hunter at the Hilltop Motel in Springfield Township back in February when the child allegedly wouldn’t stop crying, and they decide to “put him on time out,” according to police reports.

The parents positioned Hunter on his stomach on the bed, and apparently covered his entire head and body with a comforter.

Then, they went outside to smoke cigarettes for a break — returning to the room about ten minutes later only to discover that Hunter was not breathing and unresponsive.

After being taken to the hospital, the baby actually survived on life support for nearly three full weeks, but he eventually succumbed to “complications of suffocation” on March 3.

After investigation, his death was later ruled a homicide.

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Now, based on investigation, Herring and Brochhausen — who were taken into custody this week by New Jersey State police — are facing murder charges and being held in jail in Burlington County.

So, so sad.

R.I.P. to that poor little boy…

[Image via Burlington County Jail.]

Jul 19, 2018 3:32pm PST

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