Laura Ingraham Mocks Parkland School Shooting Survivor Over College Rejections — But He Gets The BEST Revenge!

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Laura Ingraham — what are you doing, girl???

The Fox News host has been mocking one of the student survivors of the school shooting in Parkland, Florida last month for — get this — not getting into some of the colleges he applied to this year.

What kind of an adult would do that to a kid — any kid — much less a schools shooting survivor???

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Ingraham took to Twitter this week to call out David Hogg for being rejected from UCLA and a couple other schools by sharing this tweet (below):

Laura, WTF?!

Fortunately, Hogg himself was not feeling her bullshit, and immediately decided to REALLY hit her where it hurts: her show’s advertisers.

Hogg responded here, in a series of tweets (below):

We’re honestly surprised there are still twelve companies that advertise on Laura’s deathly boring and horribly irresponsible show!

But maybe not for long…

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Even beyond advertisers though, Hogg has the support of **LITERALLY EVERYONE** as people realize what a supremely shitty person Ingraham really turned out to be.

Here’s just a sampling (below):

What about y’all, Perezcious readers?! Surprised that a Fox News host would stoop that low??

Share your reactions in the comments (below)!

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Mar 29, 2018 10:10am PST

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