Chatting With… Stevie Nicks!

The first lady of rock ‘n’ roll! A true legend and one of our all-time favorites!!!

Perez recently had the rare opportunity and privilege to be invited into the home of Stevie Nicks to talks about her new album, In Your Dreams, which was released this week. Her first solo record in 10 years!!!

We talked about why there was such a long delay between albums, the music industry, how she made this new record, why she had Lindsey Buckingham play on it, the future of Fleetwood Mac, what new artists she’s loving – and so much more!

Read highlights from our chat after the jump and watch our interview in full (above)!!!

P.S. Katy Perry will be very happy after she sees this video!

Stevie Nicks: Right, I did a big Fleetwood Mac 83 shows tour. And when I got done with that, I said, “I’m ready to make a record and I don’t care if anybody buys it. I’m just going to — I’m making it for me. But I, when I make something for me, I know that if I love it, my fans will love it.

Perez Hilton: Now I heard rumors that Fleetwood Mac might be getting back together next year. Is that true? Can we talk about that?

Stevie Nicks: Always.

Perez Hilton: It’s definitely happening?

Stevie Nicks: Lindsey has a record coming out in the fall and by the way it’s extraordinary.

Perez Hilton: Are you on his record?

Stevie Nicks: No. But that was before we had our amazing peace you know. But it’s my favorite thing he’s ever done. I think it’s brilliant. I think he took some serious melody pills and lyric pills and he came up with a beautiful, beautiful album. So that’s going out in the fall. This is coming out May 3rd, next week.

Perez Hilton: Yeah.

Stevie Nicks: So by the time, you know when this album and Lindsey’s album come to a stop then Fleetwood Mac will gather again and we’ll either make another record or we won’t and we’ll just go on tour.

Perez Hilton: So that hasn’t been decided yet if there will be a new record?

Stevie Nicks: That hasn’t, no.

Perez Hilton: So you just got off the road with Rod Stewart, might you be doing your own solo tour soon?

Stevie Nicks: It all depends on what happens when this record comes out. And I have said this to many people because —

Perez Hilton: What do you mean?

Stevie Nicks: — you don’t really know.

Perez Hilton: So if it doesn’t sell that much you’re not going to tour?

Stevie Nicks: Yeah, if the record comes out and it you know blasts out like a rocket, and then all of a sudden you’ll start getting offers from promoters from Europe, from the United States, from Australia. We’re already going to Australia in November. We do well in Australia. I don’t even have to have a record to go to Australia. But, so if the record is a huge you know sparkler then you nev–you don’t know because people will wait. All the promoters, all the people in this business will wait to see what this record does. And if it does really well then —

Perez Hilton: But you’re Stevie Nicks, you could tour whenever you want.

Stevie Nicks: I know. But I just did 18 shows coming across the United States with Rod Stewart. So we have really played the United States even though there’s you know there’s 50 more, we did 53 Fleetwood Mac shows two years ago. So there’s you know thousands of other cities you can go to. But, I can’t tell you Perez because I honestly don’t know. What do I hope? I hope that this come out of the gate like a rocket and I hope that people do love it and I hope that we get offers to play all over the world.

Perez Hilton: Is there anybody you’re really liking these days?

Stevie Nicks: I — well my favorite song right now is Katy Perry song “ET”.

Perez Hilton: Really?

Stevie Nicks: That’s my favorite.

May 4, 2011 12:30pm PDT