R. Kelly Says His Girlfriend’s Exploitative Parents Are Fabricating All Those Sex Cult Stories!

The singer says it's all a cash grab.

R. Kelly is sick of hearing the accusations that he’s holding women hostage to serve as his sex slaves, and says the real villains to watch out for are one of his girlfriend’s parents!

The R&B icon told TMZ the allegations that he brainwashed Joycelyn Savage and held her and others captive in a sex cult are false, claiming the story was fabricated by Joycelyn’s bitter father and mother as nothing more than a money grab.

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Kelly alleged that Timothy, Joycelyn’s father, tried to get the singer’s attention through his daughter about her and other relatives he thought could have a singing career. When that didn’t work out, Kelly added, Timothy started making up the sex cult stories and demanded money.

The Ignition performer also claimed Joycelyn’s mother, Jonjelyn, has it out for him after he decided not to use her dresses on his backup dancers during his tour. Apparently, Jonjelyn owns a clothing boutique she was trying to get off the ground.

Kelly told the tabloid that the public has been misinformed by Joycelyn’s parents’ lies — which he claimed don’t even add up, as Jonjelyn had visited Kelly’s place on multiple occasions.

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Joycelyn, for her part, has said she’s doing just fine and even recently went on vacation in L.A. without Kelly.

Of course, there’s still the question of the many other women who claim they were in voilitie relationships with the musician, who would apparently demand that his girlfriends called him “Daddy.”

Based on what Kelly’s claiming though, he’s not the only exploitative daddy in his girlfriends’ lives.

[Image via Instagram.]

May 9, 2018 11:15am PST

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