Randy Quaid Arrested AGAIN In Canada — But This Time We’re Not Really Sure Why

Randy just can't catch a break.

Randy Quaid is back behind bars!

The actor was arrested in Montreal on Tuesday, after going to a routine check-in meeting with Canada Border Services Agency.

This is the 65-year-old’s second arrest north of the border this year, but this time, it’s not quite clear why he’s being locked up. In May, the Independence Day star was detained for skipping an Immigration and Refugee Board.

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But his wife, Evi, insists there was no real reason for his recent arrest, and took to Twitter to express her frustration, writing:

All we know right now is that Randy is set to have a detention review hearing on Thursday.

The kooky couple first fled to Canada in 2010 because they were supposedly hiding from “star-whackers,” who they believe are running around willy-nilly killing celebrities.

We’re unsure if this means the Brokeback Mountain actor will be deported, since he’s still technically under a removal order and could be shipped back to the States at any point.

In the past, his Canadian immigration application was denied, but his wife was granted citizenship since her father was born there.

However, Evi is so upset by Tuesday’s events that she unofficially rejected her status, tweeting:

Well, if they two do come back to the U.S. after all this, an insider with Santa Barbara law enforcement says they’ll be picked up by authorities, since Randy has a bunch of outstanding arrest warrants this side of the border.

[Image via Nikki Nelson/WENN.]

Oct 7, 2015 3:13pm PST

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