Joe Giudice Is Reportedly In The Process Of Being Deported Back To Italy — RHONJ Star Denies It

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UPDATE 6/26/2018 6:37 P.M. EST: A DOJ official confirmed to RadarOnline “records show that an immigration judge ordered Mr. Giudice removed from the United States on March 14, 2018.”

That seems to rebut the statement from Joe’s lawyer, but the official does stay the reality star “applied for a cancellation of removal on May 8, 2018, and filed a motion to terminate on May 24” and that the motions are both “pending.”

So there may be a chance he’ll stay.

According to officials involved with ICEImmigration and Customs EnforcementReal Housewives of New Jersey star Joe Giudice is currently in the process of being deported back to Italy.

Teresa Giudice‘s husband, who is currently serving a 41-month sentence in federal prison on bankruptcy fraud charges, is allegedly “in removal proceedings to return to his native Italy,” according to an ICE spokesman speaking to the media late yesterday.

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Giudice isn’t scheduled for release from federal prison until March of 2019, but there’s a possibility that he could be sent back home to his native Italy before the sentence is up.

And if/when the reality TV star hubby gets back there, he may find it somewhat difficult to adjust, considering he’s spent his entire life in the United States after coming to the country as a baby… he just never took the steps to become a citizen, and instead has been a legal permanent resident his whole life here.

Now, that may come back to haunt him as it’s apparently likely he’ll be deported either during or at the very end of his prison sentence. We’ll see how he and Teresa — and the kids — cope with this potential new reality moving forward.

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For what it’s worth, though, Joe himself denies the report that deportation proceedings have begun; the Giudice family attorney, James J. Leonard Jr., released a statement to the media that alleges no deportation actions have taken place recently (below):

“I can state with absolute certainty that no decision has been made regarding the immigration status of Joe Giudice. The same immigration detainer that was lodged against him in March of 2016 remains in place today, but I want to be absolutely clear about this, no judicial authority has made any decision regarding what will happen with that detainer … Mr. Giudice has immigration counsel who are and have been working aggressively on his behalf so that he can return home to his wife and four young daughters and we remain optimistic that that is how this will end.”

Well now that’s confusing — so which is it??

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Regardless of what might end up happening, it appears we may not know a great deal more until early 2019 when Joe’s sentence and the rest of the family’s legal troubles begin to wrap up.

That’ll come sooner than you think.

Real Housewives of Rome could have a nice ring to it…

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Jun 23, 2018 2:06pm PST

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