John Edwards’ Mistress: How The Affair Started

John Edwards' Mistress: How We Started Hooking Up

Kinda…. gross.

John Edwards is off the hook for those pesky charges that he spent lots of campaign $$$ on to cover up his affair and love child.

Sadly, he still has to deal with the never-ending shame of it all!

To make some money and/or embarrass John even further, his baby momma, Rielle Hunter, has penned a tell-all book: What Really Happened, John Edwards Our Daughter And Me.

In part of the book, Mz Hunter chronicles exactly how she met the married politician. She says that whole experience made her “dizzy.”

She writes:

“Seated at our new table, I was now directly facing the alleged John Edwards. He looked directly at me, not smiling. I returned his gaze, also not smiling. He rested his face in his hands and continued to glance at me during the rest of his meeting. This was weird. I knew this man. As he rounded the corner, he saw me and just lit up. I was very surprised to see him so soon, even though I had felt certain our paths would cross again. I could feel his joy when he saw me and I responded to it. Much to my own astonishment, ‘You are so hot!’ came flying out of my mouth. Not a usual greeting for me…His smile got even brighter.

“He replied, ‘I want your help. I need your help.’ I had never in my life experienced anything like that meeting. It actually made me dizzy. There was a very strong connection, between us, I was certain of it.”

Dizzy? Over John Edwards??

We suppose love is blind….

Obvi he isn’t fantastic at judging parters either!

What kind of woman writes a tell-all about a man she still wants to be with?

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Jun 19, 2012 2:30am PDT

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