Robin Williams’ Autopsy Reveals New Details About The Comedian’s Life Before He Tragically Committed Suicide

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This is just SO sad.

Robin Williams tragically committed suicide back in August, and it looks like his family FINALLY can have some peace of mind with the cause.

A just-released autopsy includes details that were not initially revealed at the time of his death.

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The first thing is that Robin was sober at the time of his death. The report stated that he only had four drugs in his system, two were anti-depressants and two were “caffeine compounds.”

However, the report also brought to light the fact that Robin was suffering from paranoia and apparently he …

“placed several wrist watches in a sock and gave them to someone because he was worried about their safe keeping.”


The autopsy and report also revealed that Robin’s wife Susan was asked if the actor was into “autoerotica.” She answered that he was not.

However, Susan did reveal that Robin struggled with an autoerotica storyline in the World’s Greatest Dad, where his on-screen son died committing the act. According to Susan, the scene was “very difficult and emotional” for Robin to film.

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We still can’t believe that Robin is actually gone. Rest in peace.

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Nov 7, 2014 4:42pm PDT