Scott Disick’s New 18-Year-Old Lady Says He’s NOT Her Boyfriend — She Isn’t Down With The Lord’s D!!

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Hmmm, something doesn’t quite sound right!

Last week it broke that Scott Disick was out all night in New York partying with a “mystery blonde” — 18-year-old Canadian model Lindsay Vrckovnik.

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Following multiple reports and photos, there have been all kinds of wild rumors about what’s really going on between Disick and his new lady. And apparently Lindsay wants to clear the air on what the REAL sitch is!

A source close to Miz Vrckovnik says she is NOT dating and hasn’t even slept with Scott!

The beauty says she never hooked up with him and only just met The Lord in NYC when they hung out for a day — although conflicting reports state they met back in July at a party in Malibu. She also claims that when the girls she was traveling with wanted to continue the party down in Miami, Scott followed along happily.

The teen is doing her best to straighten the rumors out, because she reportedly has a boyfriend! Those photos of Scott and the blonde might’ve even caused a bit of trouble in her relationship. Uh oh!

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What do you think? Is the youngster really telling the truth or is she trying to cover up their secret love?!

[Image via DJDM/WENN/YouTube.]

Oct 6, 2015 9:50am PDT

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