Ass-Grab Lawsuit Losing DJ To Taylor Swift: ‘How Can You Live With Yourself? You Ruined My Life’

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Five years after the alleged incident, and one year after losing his trial, how is this guy STILL talking?!?!

David Mueller — the former Denver radio DJ who was found guilty of assault and battery a year ago for grabbing Taylor Swift‘s bare butt during a photo op before one of her concerts — is back in the public eye commenting about Swift, and the incident itself.

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In an interview with Radar Online, Mueller doesn’t hold back from voicing his displeasure about what he says Swift did to him (never the other way around, is it?), and he opens with a hell of an accusation himself (below):

“[To Taylor], how can you live with yourself? You ruined my life. I was not ready for the photograph. I admit it was awkward but I never grabbed her. It’s not even close to what happened.”

And Mueller says there have been unintended consequences for him in public ever since the incident took place more than five years ago (below):

“Now I’m afraid to even talk to women. I feel like I’m in a prison. I’m not myself anymore. I don’t even go near women.”


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And Mueller continues on, further, revealing that he was ultimately glad he brought his countersuit against Taylor even though he lost (below):

“It makes me upset. I was always the gentleman. I would always say, ‘Hey, watch your language, there’s a lady here,’ and then I get accused of this. I know that if I didn’t [counter-sue], I would have never been able to live with myself. At least now that my life is totally screwed up I’m proud of myself.”

And while Swift kicked off her worldwide Reputation stadium tour back in May, Mueller also recently started up something new: he’s now a radio DJ again, this time at a small station in Mississippi.

Furthermore, he revealed he doesn’t want anything bad to happen to Taylor, confirming that at the end of his interview (below):

“I don’t want anything bad to happen to her, I really don’t … I don’t have a lot of listeners anymore but if I can keep doing radio then I’ll consider myself a lucky guy.”

Ok then, David.

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Jul 11, 2018 1:42pm PST