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TikTok Star Dr. Roxy Stripped Of Medical License After Performing Butt Lift Surgery LIVE Online?!

tiktok famous surgeon license suspended after live streaming bbl

TikTok star and plastic surgeon Roxanne Grawe has had her medical license suspended after she performed a butt lift surgery live on the app.

The social media user who goes by Dr. Roxy is known for her videos of dancing around in scrubs and being silly, but what she’s being accused of isn’t silly at all. According to she’s being sued by three former patients who claim she livestreamed her operations and didn’t focus on patient care but instead on the camera. She’s also being accused of interacting with her viewers in the middle of her surgeries. Her former patients claim they were left with debilitating post injuries after surgeries performed by the doctor, leaving them out of work and unable to stand. Yeah, WTF!?

The surgeon owns her own practice called Roxy Plastic Surgery in Powell, Ohio where she frequently posts to social medias such as Snapchat, Twitter, and BeReal. This isn’t her first time being warned about her risky online behavior, though.

According to public records, Dr. Roxy was warned by state officials of social media use, botched surgeries, and failures to properly take care of patients after they’d been discharged. Officials sent her a warning in 2018 citing ‘the need to maintain patient privacy when sharing photos or video via social media’ and again in 2021 expressing concerns with her ever-growing social media use and ‘avoidable complications’.

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After the initial warnings, it’s reported Grawe was made to take an ethics course and retrain in the procedures her patients had complications from, but apparently this wasn’t enough. The medical board claims she still failed to protect patient privacy after this course — and she also kept engaging in social media use by posting photos of her patients and continuing to stream her surgeries!

Ugh, a doctor paying more attention to their phone than you while you’re under the knife?

It’s unbelievable!

One of the more brow-raising mistakes from the board cites a Brazilian Butt Lift — which if you’re unaware is already an extremely dangerous surgery — that was performed during a livestream where Dr. Roxy was allegedly looking at her camera while performing liposuction. The medical board says her full attention should’ve been on the patient during this invasive procedure and her looking away was putting the patient at risk. Grawe allegedly didn’t provide the patient with important after surgery care instructions, and the unnamed victim suffered several surgical complications such as severe cramps, dark urine, and abdominal pain.

So scary…

The suing patient’s attorney, James Arnold, also said his client was told not to seek medical care after she started suffering these complications. Another patient is suing the TikTok star for similar issues. Amber Runyon told WBNS that drains implanted into her surgical incision were not working properly which could lead to fluid build up and infection — but she was allegedly told not to seek medical care, either!

Amber said she was convinced by the doctor’s social media presence to get what she calls a “Mommy Makeover” (breast surgery and tummy tuck). The most convincing factor was Grawe’s step-by-step breakdown of the procedure on Snapchat. Sadly, the woman ended up regretting getting the surgeries due to suffering an infection from her fluid drains. She claims she missed work for two months and still can’t walk or stand properly because of the complications she suffered.

It would seem Dr. Roxy’s days of alleged botched surgeries and social media stardom are nearly over, though, as all of her accounts have gone private. The medical board voted 7-0 to suspend her medical license due to the constant, repeated complaints. When the outlet approached her for comment, her surgery center said she was “not interested” in talking about the ordeal. She’s got until December 17 to request a hearing for the suspension of her license.

Such a wild story from beginning to end… What do U think, Perezcious readers? Sound OFF in the comments (below).

[Image via WBNS 10TV/YouTube/Roxy Plastic Surgery/Instagram]

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