True Fans Of Star Wars Call For Boycott Of Altered Blu-Ray Edition

George Lucas Fs With Star Wars Again

We don’t understand why George Lucas can’t just stop f*cking with the original Star Wars Trilogy. Yeah, sure, we WANT him to do some awesome transfers to make sure it looks amazing on blu-ray, but that’s it.

Especially don’t add unnecessary shizz in an apparent attempt just to mess with loyal fans!

Let’s lead off with a testimony that George Lucas himself gave to Congress about destroying works of cultural heritage:

People who alter or destroy works of art and our cultural heritage for profit or as an exercise of power are barbarians, and if the laws of the United States continue to condone this behavior, history will surely classify us as a barbaric society.

In the future it will become even easier for old negatives to become lost and be “replaced” by new altered negatives. This would be a great loss to our society. Our cultural history must not be allowed to be rewritten.

Attention should be paid to this question of our soul, and not simply to accounting procedures. Attention should be paid to the interest of those who are yet unborn, who should be able to see this generation as it saw itself, and the past generation as it saw itself.

Annnnnnd that’s what we call hypocrisy! Congrats, George, you’ve negated any argument you could have had as to why you “updated” these classics time and time again.

Now, here’s why the fans are upset:

For instance, Darth Vader in Return Of The Jedi specifically yells “Nooooo! Nooooo!” when the Emperor is trying to kill Luke. Obi-Wan Kenobi’s Krayt Dragon howl is noticeably different in Star Wars aka A New Hope. The Ewoks’ eyes have been CGI’ed and now blink. Yoda’s not quite the same Yoda of yore because of digitalized alterations.

This isn’t the first time George Lucas has released special editions, adding new scenes and special effects. But there are widespread online campaigns cropping up to boycott this new Blu-ray collection when it goes on sale September 16th.

“Nobody has found a way to squeeze more cash out of a film franchise than George Lucas has done with Star Wars, and he’s at it again.”

Read that part in bold, and hear the truth! We can’t stand that he’s doing these things too. Nothing would be more incredible than a blu-ray edition of the original trilogy WITHOUT any tweaks. That’s childhood. He’s messing with our childhood.

Shame on you, George! You should have at least included the OPTION TO CHOOSE which edition you wanted to watch!

How do U feel about these changes??

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Sep 2, 2011 6:45pm PST

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