YouTube Star Elijah Daniel Hit With Death Threats For Penning A ‘Gayer’ Version Of The Bible!

elijah daniel gay bible backlash

Elijah Daniel certainly knows how to stir up controversy… and we LOVES it!!

Over the weekend, the YouTube sensation — who famously became Mayor of Hell, MI and then banned all straight people before his impeachment — announced that he was rewriting the Bible in order to make it “gayer.” Excuse us while we go pick up our jaws from the floor!!

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The internet comedian shared via Twitter:

While the announcement was initially just a joke, the response Daniel got fueled his desire to follow through with the project. And, boy, did he follow through!

A few revisions Elijah made included Rihanna as God, Adam and Steve rather than Adam and Eve, and a Jesus who turns water into mimosas. Don’t believe us?? See the evidence (below)!

BLESS UP. The Holy Bible… but gayer was briefly available on Amazon before being deleted (and banned) by the website. Though only available for a short time, the eBible skyrocketed in popularity as it went to number one and got countless positive reviews (below).

HIGHlarious! Don’t worry it isn’t too late to get the “gay” Bible as Elijah has since uploaded the book onto his own website.

Nonetheless, devout Christians are understandably pissed at the revised Bible. Those against the project noted online:

Per Daniel’s recent Snapchat video, the internet expert has been receiving “death threats” for revising the holy work. And to those taking the joke personally, Elijah advised:

“In all seriousness, y’all need to calm the fuck down. Like, this is NOT that serious. It’s a book on the internet… It’s a joke. I don’t have the power to actually make your god Rihanna. My words don’t affect your religion or your faith in anyway possible.”

He also defended on Twitter:

Snap! Snap!

What do YOU think?? Did Elijah cross a line??

SOUND OFF in the comments (below)!

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Sep 18, 2017 12:45pm PST

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