24-Year-Old Teaching Assistant Found Guilty After Using His Zayn Malik Resemblance To Have Sex With A 15-Year-Old Student

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What a disgusting abuse of power.

A 24-year-old teaching assistant will be spending the next five years behind bars after he was found guilty of having a sexual relationship with a 15-year-old student on Wednesday.

But as if the statutory rape itself weren’t bad enough, Hamid Bhatti, then 22, claims he was actually targeted for sex by the teen and her friends due to his similar appearance to Zayn Malik!

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While we don’t personally see the resemblance between the former One Direction star and the criminal (you can see for yourself HERE), the twenty-somethings are both of Pakistani descent with conventionally good looks.

Hamid allegedly used the student’s crush to entice sex as many as 14 times!

According to reports, the teen, now 17, and her abuser were caught blowing kisses back and forth by another teacher in Yeovil, Somerset back in 2014… but it wasn’t until her mother noticed a note saying “you were amazing last night, as always, I love you,” that they were found out.

To make this crazy story even more insane, however, Hamid was caught in the act when the girl’s parents reported her missing and police found her in his home… alongside a used condom containing both of their DNA.

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Hamid was found guilty of abduction as well as two counts of sexual activity with a child, with Judge David Ticehurst issuing the jury’s ruling, saying:

“For a period you were undoubtedly in a sexual relationship with a girl you knew was under the age of consent. It’s clear she was a vulnerable girl who had difficulties in her life, and your presence in her life only compounded those difficulties. Your interest in her was for your own sexual gratification and you chose to abuse her. It is doubly regrettable that you were a teaching assistant at the time you met the girl. Your duty was to support the staff and the students at the school and instead you abused a young girl and took advantage of her crush. You will never be able to work in teaching ever again and I cannot think of a person less suitable to do so.”

We couldn’t agree more!

While the maths aide doesn’t deny sleeping with the student, he does claim she told him she was 16 at the time — the legal age of consent in England — but that doesn’t erase the fact that he was still her instructor!

Now a registered sex offender, we’re just glad Hamid won’t be able to harm any other underage girls… regardless if they think he’s cute.

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Oct 6, 2016 12:08pm PDT