One Direction’s Zayn Malik Tattoos GF Perrie Edwards’ Face On HIS ARM!

zayn malik tattoo perrie edwards face on his arm

Oh boy! This one’s goin’ down in the books!

Zayn Malik, the rebellious bad boy of One Direction, has permanently inked the face of his Little Mix lover on his arm.

While passing through Maryland, 1Ders Zayn, Liam, and Louis waltzed into Tattooed Heart Studios after getting the approval from their bodyguards.

While Louis opted for some spiderweb doodles to showcase his love of Spider-Man, Zayn wanted to make it very clear to Perrie Edwards that she was his #1 love. And now she’s on his arm!!


Unless, of course, they break up and he decides to get it lasered off… but that takes a loooong time, hurts way more than the ink itself, and is hella expensive. So fingers crossed they’re meant for life. We don’t know how he could change her one-of-a-kind face to anything else!

Oh! And as for Liam, he did the sexy loner thing by deciding to take a romantic solo stroll around the city by himself.

Guess he didn’t want OUR face inked on his butt! Ooooo well!

[Image via Twitter.]

Jun 27, 2013 9:37am PDT

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