Angelina Jolie’s SECRET WEDDING! She FINALLY Addresses It!

angelina jolie wedding band brad pitt

Aren’t you ever so curious about Angelina Jolie‘s mystery gold band?! Did girl fool us all and secretly get married to Brad Pitt?!

Well, we’d have all the deets for you if that were the case…

But unfortunately, it seems the humanitarian has NOT gotten hitched (yet) to her flaxen-haired lover!

Angelina landed in LAX Wednesday after she was spotted rocking the simple piece of jewelry on that tell-tale finger during her latest trip to the Democratic Republic of Congo, and YES, she was STILL without her super fancy engagement ring (above)!

But when asked whether or not her NEW finger bling was a wedding ring, Angie replied…

NOPE. Plain and simple! Just like her gold band LOLz!

In fact, we hear Angelina chose not to wear her bedazzled, extravagant engagement rock for fear it might get stolen, lost, or damaged…

Also, it’s in pretty poor taste to wear something that probably costs more than what most people make in a lifetime while attempting to alleviate poverty.

Ch-ch-check out TONS more snaps of Angelina’s LAX adventure (below)!

[Image via WENN/Ramey Pix.]

Mar 28, 2013 9:52am PDT