Taylor Swift Gets Political Again — LOOK!

Vote, Y’all!

Taylor Swift Talks Early Voting!

Political Taylor Swift isn’t about to be a one hit wonder! 

A week after breaking her political silence and urging Tennesseans to get out and vote for Democratic Senate candidate Phil Bredesen, the pop star continued to drive home her message to followers: get out and vote, y’all!

Video: Lena Dunham On Taylor Getting Political

Captioning an Instagram picture of her feet(??), the Blank Space songstress wrote:

“Something I wish I knew about when I was 18 and voting for the first time: ✨EARLY VOTING✨. It makes it so quick and easy to go and cast your vote before November 6. Early voting starts TODAY in Tennessee and goes to Nov 1 🇺🇸
You can check out your state’s early voting dates at the link in my bio”

Thanks for the reminder, girl!

Tay’s new political attitude has no doubt struck a chord with Tennessee voters (65,000 people registered to vote in the state!), but it might not be the right one. Polls are showing that, despite the singer’s endorsement of Bredesen, GOP Rep. Marsha Blackburn is up by 14 points.

Uh oh. Maybe Taylor’s foot pic will help even it out?

Even fetishers need to exercise their rights to vote!

[Image via Instagram]

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Roseanne Barr Says ABC Killing Off Her Character With An Overdose Is ‘Grim’ & ‘Morbid’


Roseanne Barr Calls Her Character’s Death ‘Grim’ & ‘Morbid’

Roseanne Barr has spoken out about ABC killing off her character via an opioid overdose. Surprise, surprise — she’s not happy about it! 

After the premiere of The Conners on Tuesday night — which according Nielsen, was down 35% since it’s predecessor-series Spring return — the disgraced sitcom star issued a statement condemning the network for the “grim and morbid” way it said goodbye to Roseanne Conner.

In the statement, co-written by Ro-Ro’s good friend and occasional podcast partner, Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, the actress said ABC’s decision to cancel Roseanne goes directly against the show’s “twin American values of both repentance and forgiveness,” all because of “fear, hubris, and a refusal to forgive” her for that racist tweet about former Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett.

Video: John Goodman ‘Crashed’ After ‘Roseanne’ Got Canceled

Read her full lengthy statement (below):

“While we wish the very best for the cast and production crew of The Conners, all of whom are deeply dedicated to their craft and were Roseanne’s cherished colleagues, we regret that ABC chose to cancel Roseanne by killing off the Roseanne Conner character. That it was done through an opioid overdose lent an unnecessary grim and morbid dimension to an otherwise happy family show.

This was a choice the network did not have to make. Roseanne was the only show on television that directly addressed the deep divisions threatening the very fabric of our society. Specifically, the show promoted the message that love and respect for one another’s personhood should transcend differences in background and ideological discord. The show brought together characters of different political persuasions and ethnic backgrounds in one, unified family, a rarity in modern American entertainment. Above all else, the show celebrated a strong, matriarchal woman in a leading role, something we need more of in our country.

Through humor and a universally relatable main character, the show represented a weekly teaching moment for our nation. Yet it is often following an inexcusable – but not unforgivable – mistake that we can discover the most important lesson of all: Forgiveness. After repeated and heartfelt apologies, the network was unwilling to look past a regrettable mistake, thereby denying the twin American values of both repentance and forgiveness. In a hyper-partisan climate, people will sometimes make the mistake of speaking with words that do not truly reflect who they are. However, it is the power of forgiveness that defines our humanity.

Our society needs to heal on many levels. What better way for healing than a shared moment, once a week, where we could have all enjoyed a compelling storyline featuring a witty character – a woman – who America connected with, not in spite of her flaws, but because of them. The cancellation of Roseanne is an opportunity squandered due in equal parts to fear, hubris, and a refusal to forgive.”

Roseanne may be dead on network television, but the comedian made it clear she’s still kicking on Twitter, for what it’s worth, writing:

It’s gonna take a little more Ambien for Twitter to kill her off, too!

Did U watch The Conners?

[Image via ABC]

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Meghan Markle’s Friends Were ‘So Surprised’ By Pregnancy News!


Friends Were Shocked By Harry & Meghan's Pregnancy News

Fast work, Prince Harry! LOLz!

Some jokesters couldn’t help ragging on Harry after the Duke and his wife Meghan Markle announced they were expecting a child on Monday. As you can guess, all the jokes were about how fast Harry got Meg pregnant.

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Well, it seems like even the couple’s close friends were astonished at the speed of conception (and probably made a few jokes themselves).

A source revealed to People:

“Her friends knew she was trying and that she wasn’t going to wait long because she’s older. But everyone was so surprised it happened so quickly.”

That’s ’cause Harry and Meghan have magic, or should we say royal, sperm and eggs! Oh, sorry, did we go too far?

Another close family friend (really?) confessed to the publication:

“One or two people were suspicious, [but] they kept it very close to the chest.”

That’s nice. It’s so important to have people around you who can keep mum, even though they’re apparently okay with blabbing now. Personally, we appreciate it!

As you know, the announcement came right before the royal pair embarked on their first official royal tour to Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, and Tonga, where they will make quite a few appearances. It all might prove to be very challenging for the Duchess.

A friend said:

“I think it is very brave [to have announced the pregnancy] ahead of one of the most grueling trips they will have to make. The great thing is that [Meghan] is in the best possible hands.”

No doubt about that! Harry is so doting.

Are U excited about the pregnancy and the royal tour, too???

[Image via Dutch Press Photo/WENN]

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Ariana Grande Addresses Pete Davidson Split For The First Time

'It's Very Sad'

Ariana Grande Addresses Her Breakup & Plans For Social Media Hiatus

This week, Ariana Grande has been powering through work despite a terminated engagement to former fiance Pete Davidson.

After she almost let the anxiety of it all get the best of her, the Sweetener performer was able to complete her taped performance for NBC‘s A Very Wicked Halloween alongside Idina Menzel.

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Following wrap, Ari documented how thankful she was for the experience, before telling fans she needed a break from social media.

The singer shared a black image to Instagram Story, saying:

“time to say bye bye to the internet for just a lil bit. it’s hard not to bump news n stuff that i’m not tryna to see rn. it’s very sad and we’re all tryin very hard to keep goin. love u. and thank u for bein here always.”

See her full post — which has since been deleted — and some pics from her Wicked taping (below)!

Ariana Grande leaving social media

View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Ariana Grande (@arianagrande) on

Hopefully this internet hiatus is just what her heart needs!

[Image via Instagram]

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Britney Spears Thanks Selena Gomez For Workout Motivation!

Uplifting Your Fellow Pop Queen

Britney Spears Thanks Selena Gomez For Workout Motivation!

From one pop queen to another!

On Monday, Britney Spears shared a workout video on Instagram where she thanks Selena Gomez — and her song Bad Liar — for giving her some much-appreciated motivation.

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In the clip, “Godney” — wearing a pink “Heart Breaker” crop top and striped shorts — exercises using a jump rope and some weights.

The 36-year-old added the caption:

“Long workout out today!!! @selenagomez definitely helped me get through it”

As we reported last week, Selena reportedly suffered an “emotional breakdown” related to her 2017 kidney transplant, and is currently receiving treatment at a psychiatric facility on the East Coast.

See Brit’s video (below):

[Image via FayesVision/Apega/WENN.]

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Listen To This: C’est La Vie Say The Old Folks!

Listen To This: C’est La Vie Say The Old Folks!

We don’t often post covers as “listen to this” recommendations, unless they’re very special. This is!

Canadian recording artist Elise LeGrow put her own spin on Chuck Berry‘s You Never Can Tell, which came out 54 years ago!!!

We’re not familiar with the original recording, gut this is so lo fi pretty! And her voice!!! Angelic!

Check it out above!

Then CLICK HERE to listen to more music from Elise LeGrow!

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Donald Trump Is Mentally ILL! Lady GaGa Is Amy Winehouse! Ariana CANCELS! And… | Perez Hilton


Donald Trump Is Mentally ILL! Lady GaGa Is Amy Winehouse! Ariana CANCELS! And… | Perez Hilton

Donald Trump has NPD! Diving into “horseface” drama!

Ariana Grande misses yet another scheduled appearance. The latest on her and Pete Davidson!

Lady GaGa is engaged – but her fiancee may need to quite his job!

Out-of-control Tara Reid‘s wild plane ride!

Nicki Minaj scamming fans again!

Michael Buble is NOT retiring!

And more of today’s hottest topics, including Justin Bieber, Idris Elba, Amy Winehouse, Brad Pitt, Keira Knightley, Kylie Jenner and MORE! Watch! LINKS BELOW!

Enjoy! And SHARE!!

And CLICK HERE to check out more of Perez’s daily recap videos!


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Ariana Grande Makes First Public Appearance Since Pete Davidson Broken Engagement!

Back To Business!

Ariana Grande Makes First Public Appearance Since Pete Davidson Broken Engagement!

Ariana Grande is back to work…

According to TMZ on Tuesday, days after news broke that she and Pete Davidson ended their engagement, the singer pre-taped a performance of The Wizard and I for NBC’s A Very Wicked Halloween 15th anniversary special.

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The songstress previously said on Twitter on Monday that she would still attend the event, and “wouldn’t miss it for the whole universe.”

While Ari is back on the grind, the Saturday Night Live actor canceled a comedy event at Temple University on Wednesday, and will be replaced by Adam Devine.

According to a People report on Monday, the two “still plan on spending time together” despite canceling their wedding.

[Image via Ariana Grande/Instagram.]

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Roseanne Barr’s Character’s Death On ‘The Conners’ Confirmed — Twitter Reacts!

She's Gone!

Roseanne Barr's Character's Death On 'The Conners' Confirmed!

No surprises here…

[Spoilers Ahead]

During the first five minutes of The Conners series premiere, Roseanne Barr‘s character was killed off by an opioid overdose.

Related: John Goodman Says He ‘Crashed’ After ‘Roseanne’ Got Canceled!

The controversial actress previously spoiled this in September during an interview with conservative YouTube show The Unsilent Majority.

Roseanne was canceled after the eponymous star wrote a tweet comparing former Barack Obama aide Valerie Jarrett to the “muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes.”

After the death was confirmed, Twitter users couldn’t contain their emotions! See the best reactions (below):

[Image via FayesVision/WENN.]

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Fans Flood Cazzie David’s IG Warning Not To Get Back With Pete Davidson


Cazzie David Fans Flood Instagram With Pete Davidson Comments!

Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande‘s breakup is stressing out an unexpected group — Cazzie David fans.

Followers have flooded the YouTube star’s Instagram with comments telling her not to take back her SNL star ex.

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Is that really a concern?

Certainly she didn’t bring this up as the chatter is on her most recent pic — which is from 5 days ago!

View this post on Instagram


A post shared by CAZZIE (@cazziedavid) on

Comments got pretty mean but included a lot of similar sentiments:

Dont take him back. I REPEAT don’t take him back!! 😎”


“Girl we all knew it wasn’t gonna last. That relationship was pure lust. You are too good for him.”

don’t answer that text, he’s a loser!! 😩”


Do YOU assume Pete will try to get Cazzie back??

[Image via Cazzie David/Pete Davidson/Instagram.]

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