Did The Creator Of Ashley Madison Use The Site To Cheat On His Wife???

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You reap what you sow…

Ashley Madison has slowly been destroying relationships all across the country — even more so since the adultery website was hacked and had its users’ information leaked on August 18.

Well, we’ve already seen some high profile scandals from the likes of The Duggars and the Real Housewives, but now someone responsible for setting up all of these affairs is under scrutiny as well!

Noel Biderman, the creator of Ashley Madison, may have been using his own site to cheat on his wife!

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According to sources combing the leak, the self-proclaimed “King of Infidelity” allegedly had online conversations with at least three other women who weren’t his wife, Amanda Biderman — and that he may have even gone as far as trying to get the girls jobs with his company Avid Life Media!

But the worst part about this whole thing is that Amanda actually defended her husband on The View way back in 2013 where they claimed the website was a “public service.”

Ch-ch-check out Noel and Amanda’s take on Ashley Madison (below)!!!

It’s hard to feel bad for someone who profited so much from assisting cheaters.

Who do U think will be revealed next??

[Image via ABC.]

Aug 26, 2015 5:17pm PST

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