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Billie Eilish Signs Melissa McCarthy’s Face In Hilarious SAG Awards Bit! WATCH!

Billie Eilish helped Melissa McCarthy check an item off her bucket list! HA!

On Saturday night at the 30th annual SAG Awards, the two ladies took the stage to present the award for Outstanding Female Actor in a Comedy Series, and Melissa took her opportunity to totally fangirl out!

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In a hilarious bit, the two joked about whether or not they’d met in the past… Something the What Was I Made For singer didn’t remember, but something Melissa assured has happened on multiple occasions! She even revealed that the first time she ever really met Billie was when the 21-year-old was “in utero” — as she said Billie’s mom Maggie Baird was her “first improv teacher,” and was pregnant at the time OMG!

She went on to ask the Halley’s Comet singer to sign her dress, which Billie refused to do because she didn’t want to “ruin it” … Melissa then asked her to sign her face, which the NDA singer agreed to! Melissa joked, “I thought you were going to be like, ‘I don’t want to ruin your pretty face!’” — but Billie didn’t have any objections! HA! Watch the full clip (below):


After the show wrapped, The Heat star took to Instagram with a pic from the moment Billie signed her forehead and wrote:

“I got to check an item off my bucket list last night and I’ll never wash my face again!!”

See (below):

Funny enough, Sharpie commented, agreeing:

“Bucket list moment for us too!”


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