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Casey Kasem's Children Say His Wife Won't Let Them See Their Ailing Father!

casey kasems children say his wife wont let them see their ailing father

This is so sad and most unusual!

Casey Kasem, the former iconic host of the radio countdown show American Top 40, has not seen any of his children in months!

And the children have had enough!

The adult children plus a bunch of Casey’s friends held a protest rally outside Casey’s own mansion demanding to let them see their beloved father and friend!

The reasons for the children not being allowed to see their father are VERY unclear, but at least one daughter believes it’s her step mother Jean Kasem who is the one behind all of this.

She’s not allowing anyone to set foot inside her and Casey’s home, and Casey, who suffers from Parkinson’s disease cannot speak, and probably doesn’t even know that his children are being locked out of his home!

Here’s what his daughter said:

“My dad is very sick, and we have been completely shut off from him for the last three months. There is no money issue here, we just want to see our dad. We love him, and everyone knows his kids and grandkids are a source of joy for him.”

The daughter Kerri Kasem says her and her sibling are worried their dad’s isolation is making his illness worse.

She also said:

“Look, people fight and they don’t like each other, and that’s fine. But it’s cruel to keep us from seeing our dad. We don’t want any money from Jean. We don’t care about that. We were raised well, and we support ourselves.”

The protest is emotional to say the least, but was broken up after the step-mom called the police on them.

We hate seeing family squabbles go public like this, and we hope the step-mom is able to come to some sort of arrangement with her husband’s children.

After all – wouldn’t she want to see her ailing father if she were in the same position as them?

We’d think she would!

[Image via David B Edwards/WENN.]

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Oct 03, 2013 12:32pm PDT