Do You Support Trump? DON’T WATCH!


Do You Support Trump? DON’T WATCH!

Britney stans AND Trump supporters are gonna come for Perez now. It’ll be an experience! ├░┼╕╦£ΓÇÜ├░┼╕╦£┼ô

Here’s the rundown of what we discuss today!

– DON’T do it, Britney Spears!!
– Plus, Trump Jr. really did it!
Dwayne The Rock Johnson has filed paperwork to run for president – and he’d be great!!
– Also, Lindsay Lohan is dead to her brother!
Iggy Azalea is dead to her label!
– And why is Shia LaBeouf‘s career not dead yet???

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The Most Ridiculous Luxurious Hotel Perks For Pooches

The Most Ridiculous Luxurious Hotel Perks For Pooches

The Most  Luxurious Hotel Perks For Pooches

Lucky bitch!

It wont surprise you to hear that a five star hotel offer monogrammed towels, or a grilled New York sirloin and scrambled eggs with aged Tillamook cheddar on bone china for room service.

Or when a guest needs styling, the hotel’s Rolls Royce shuttles will shuttle them to the salon.

But these perks are all for dogs!!

Pet bathrobes, pet massages, and pet treadmills are becoming practically the reg at five-star hotels these days. Hotels are also competing for Fido├óΓé¼Γäós affection with food. The Mandarin Oriental, Miami offers grilled beef tenderloin, while Los Cabos├óΓé¼Γäó Las Ventanas al Para├â┬¡so features made-to-order dishes for pets with special dietary needs. (why don’t we get that??)

The list of extras doesn’t stop with food, especially for chains like Loews, which has taken pet pleasing to new heights. When the surf’s up at Loews Coronado Bay Resort, in California, pups can join Su’ruff Camp, where poodles and bulldogs alike can take a shot at catching a wave.

But the award for the dumbest most extravagant service goes to Loews Vanderbilt Hotel in Nashville that offers voice-coaching lessons and the chance to cut a CD!!

[Image via WENN.]

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What To Do With Your Pet When You Go On Vacation

What To Do With Your Pet When You Go On Vacation

What To Do With Your Pet When You Go On Vacation


Going on summer vacations are fun for owners, but… not so much for the pet we leave behind.

Here are some options for those not able to travel with your furry friends:

– Take your dog to a kennel.
A kennel provides a safe place with dog runs and/or cage options. Your pet will be by itself on a hard surface.

– Schedule someone to come to your house, feed your dog and let him out daily.
Be aware that your dog will likely be alone for 21 to 23 hours a day. If your dog can last 15 to 18 hours a night without having an accident and is not stressed out by being left alone, this option might be for you.

– Find someone to stay in your house with your pet.

Dogs spend most of the time watching the door and waiting for you to return. They may have stress reactions to your absence even though someone else is there. Ask how much of the day he/she will be at the house with your pet. Have the pet sitter come over, visit with your dog and ask any questions prior to your trip.

– Have a pet sitter watch your dog at his/her house.
Dogs do well with this type of care. Unlike at your house, you don’t belong there. They do not keep looking for you. They attach themselves to the sitter and adjust to a new routine.

[Image via WENN.]

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Pet Tips: How To Travel With Furry Friends

Pet Tips: How To Travel With Furry Friends

how to travel with your pets

Heidi Ganahl, CEO And Founder of Camp Bow Wow has some tips for you jet set pet owners!

1) Know the rules.

Check all airline requirements before boarding a plane. See if your pet can travel in a carrier that can be kept under a seat in the cabin or if your pet must travel by freight.

2) Familiarize your pet with its carrier.

Pets like familiarity. If you plan on keeping your pet inside a carrier while traveling, allow your pet to get used to the environment by placing it in the carrier for a few minutes each day. Gradually lengthen the time until your pet seems at ease with being placed in the carrier.

3) DO NOT try sneaking your pet on the plane.

Although it may seem like a good idea if your pet is small enough to fit in a carrier beneath your seat, do not sneak animals of any size on a plane. There will be repercussions for doing so.

Instead, look into travel alternatives such as Pet Airways, which was created specifically for traveling with pets. Although routes are limited, traveling on pet-friendly airlines may reduce times that pets are required to be in
a carrier.

4) Don’t over feed your pet.

Feed your pet no less than five or six hours before flight
time. Give the pet a drink of water no less than two hours before flight. It is very easy for your dog or cat to become sick in transition.

5) Where to stay (night and daytime).

Find a hotel that will allow your pet to spend the night.
Most pet-friendly hotels will not allow pets to be left in the room alone, so also consider taking your dog to a nearby Camp Bow Wow doggie day care facility if you want to do things during the day. It will cost less than paying for damage incurred by leaving a dog along in a hotel room.

6) Make the animal feel at home.

Use familiar dishes, blankets, toys and other items from your home to create a sense of comfort for your pet.

[Image via WENN.]

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Best Dog Hotels In The World!

Best Dog Hotels In The World!


Luxury hotels are opening up around the world catering to pets who are used to being pampered by their indulging owners.

Here are three of the best Five Star dog hotels in the world!

#1 The Pet’s Dream Park Hotel in Taipei, Taiwan!
(Check out Video Above)

Here, dogs swim in an indoor swimming pool and are pampered in the hotel’s onsite beauty shop.

The 9,000 square feet hotel, which can accomodate up to 50 dogs at a time, offers an indoor sports field, air-conditioned individual suites for guests and a 24 hour webcam system to enable owners to view their pets live online whenever they wish.

#2 The Canis Resort in Munich, Germany!

First exclusive luxury hotel chain for dogs in the world. The first resort, which is located in Freising near Munich, offers nine heated lodges for up to 45 guests. Canis offers its pampered pooches personal and professional dog sitters who pampers them 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Personal fitness coaches are available to customize extensive and individual training and a dietary plan for each dog. The cost to stay at the hotel is $113 a night.

#3 The Kennel 1 luxury hotel for dogs, Gurgaon, India!

Spread over three acres of lush gardens, the 5 Star hotel offers a private swimming pool, air conditioning and spacious sleeping quarters with en suite toilets. The luxury resort also offers an in-house dog massage service for canines needing a little tender loving care.

Looks like these hotels thought of everything – except what to do with your cat!

HEY – Check out videos of the German and Indian Hotels AFTER THE JUMP!


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Chateau Poochie’s Halloween Party

Chateau Poochie’s Halloween Party

chateau poochie halloween party

Our pets like to dress up too!

Chateau Poochie, the luxury hotel for cats an dogs held its annual Halloween party.

Check out the costumes worn by these pups!!

Some of the services provided at Chateau Poochie include fitness club, holistic food, pedicures, massage, reflexology, bathing, tooth brushing and one on one play time.

We are glad these doggies got to have a Halloween celebration too!

[Image via Mavrix Online.]

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