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Merry Christmas, From Our Family To Yours!

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What a gift it is for us to experience the holidays through the joy and wonder of a child!
So much excitement, wonder and LOVE!
Mr. J.R. Hilton got a mega deluxe kitchen set for Christmas this year. Imaginative play is great for brain development!!!
He also got LOVED it!!!
He also got some trucks and cars and a bunch of other really cool things. We may give him one or two more over the next few days, but the rest will be tucked away in Perez’s room and we will go back to our schedule of giving him one present every single week (except for his birthday and Christmas, when he can have a couple or a few).
Our thinking: as he gets older we can use the weekly gift as a way to emphasize the importance of work and the extra importance of very hard work. If he’s good and works hard, he gets his gift. If he goes above and beyond, he can get two! And, though we hope not, there may be some weeks he gets no gift at all!
But, as for Christmas, he literally has not stopped playing with his kitchen set all day!!!
Merry Christmas to you and yours!!!
Much MUCH love!
Perez and J.R. Hilton

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Dec 25, 2014 11:12am PDT

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