Nightmare Diarrhea Cruise Ship 2: Electric Poogaloo

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We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: We’re not sure why people want to go on cruises!

It’s not that they couldn’t potentially be fun, it’s just that the odds of it being horrible outweigh that potential, and we’ve NEVER heard of anyone having an amazing time on one. Seems like the scam of the century, especially when you realize how often illness strikes the passengers — and the norovirus is def something you do NOT want while stuck in the middle of the ocean!

This is probably sounding all to familiar at this point, but more than 100 people aboard the ship Vision of the Seas (Royal Caribbean) got sick with a gastrointestinal virus. You know, a common but potent virus that most likely is transmitted by fecal contamination in food or water. That’s right, experts are pointing to the norovirus!

The crew says they scrubbed the ship as soon as they heard, to stop the spread — but 105 people tell us it didn’t work! LOLz! They say they scrubbed the ship AGAIN when they got to port!

The cruise ship industry should be worried at this point. We’d say that there might not be a need to worry had this been the same company as the last time — as we’d just blame that company — but this was an entirely different group and different ship!

Gross. Spend your money on something where you don’t have to barf while packed like sardines on a constantly undulating vessel!

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Mar 11, 2013 1:33pm PST

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