Travel Tips For Lisa Vanderpump And Giggy

Lisa Vanderpump needs to take care of Giggy

If you watch Real Housewives of Beverly Hills / are human, you might have noticed Lisa carries Giggy on her lap in the car.

One time in particular we saw Lisa and her husband, Kenneth Todd, depart for the veterinary hospital with Giggy sitting in Ken’s lap in the passenger side of their Bentley.

This is a common and dangerous trend for any owner transporting their pet.

This little Pomeranian is improtant to so many people: Lisa, fans of the show, the dog’s talent agent at CAA.

We want Giggy’s mom and dad to keep him save when traveling by keeping him in a rigid carrier fixed to the car seat – it’s as important to dogs as seat belts are to humans!

Los Angeles pet vet, Dr. Patrick Mahaney, suggests she use Firstrax Sof-Krate N2.

It’s fabulous canine travel accessory in which Patrick himself uses with his dog Cardiff.

Safety is always in style when it comes to the adorbulous.

Lisa, we know you can afford it. We’ve all seen your house.

[Image via WENN.]

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Mar 31, 2011 3:00pm PDT