Report: Migrant Workers At Donald Trump’s Golf Course In Dubai Have Gone Months Without Pay

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What a shitty fucking thing from shitty fucking businessman Donald Trump.

According to a new report in the New York Times on Saturday night, some employees at the Trump International Golf Club in Dubai have gone weeks and months without pay — and when they are paid, they receive just $200-$400 a month from the club.

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The Times talked to employees at the golf course there who confirmed that they are often never paid despite working long hours in brutal desert conditions, including one Pakistani laborer who said (below):

“He has countless amounts of money! We are very far away from our houses, from our children, our families. It hurts us. My family is dependent on me. When I don’t send money, shopkeepers stop giving groceries to my family.”


Now, the Trump Organization gave a statement to the Times that was quick to note that their counter is this: Trump doesn’t own the property, he just lent his name to its construction, and thus, he is not responsible for the employees getting paid.

The statement read, in part:

“Trump is not the owner or developer of Trump International Golf Club Dubai nor does it oversee construction or employ or supervise any of the companies or individuals who have been retained to work on the building of the project. Trump has a zero-tolerance policy. To the extent any worker at the project believes they are being treated improperly, we would urge them to immediately notify their employer and the proper governmental authorities.”

Hmmm… none of that is what Eric Trump, Donald’s son, said about Damac — the company that runs the golf facility in question in Dubai.

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A few months ago, when Trump handed over his companies to his two sons, Eric said this about Damac (who was at the time apparently failing to pay its employees):

“It’s rare in the world where you can be such great friends with a partner. Damac is an amazing company.”

You’re a doofus, Eric.

And more to the point: oh, look! Another shitty thing that has been put upon the world by somebody or something related to Donald Trump! What a surprise!

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Aug 27, 2017 11:11am PDT