Finally! Science Proves Its Worth: Fast Food Is As Good For You After A Workout As Sports Drinks

Have a burger after your workout. It's good for you!

Ever have a killer workout, then pass a fast food place and think, “No, I shouldn’t,” as you sip your Gatorade? Well, you could have swapped a burger for that sports drink!

According to a new study published in the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism, the glycogen recovery after a 90-minute workout was the same whether the subjects drank a sports drink or ate fast food.

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The study went like this: Eleven guys performed a 90-minute glycogen-depleting workout in two trials, after fasting for 12 hours. Following that, they were either given a sports drink supplement or fast food right after, and then two hours later. Their muscles were then biopsied and “there were no differences in the blood glucose and insulin responses” between the supplementers and the fast foodies.

So, this means “that short-term food options to initiate glycogen resynthesis” can totally be a burger or whatever your favorite fast food fave is, or a Gatorade if that’s what you’re into.

While the study didn’t say this part, we’re sure that this doesn’t mean you can still chow down on two Quesaritos and a Sourdough Bacon Jack, but at least you don’t have to only have sports drinks!

Apr 3, 2015 4:08pm PDT

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