Are Jill Duggar & Derick Dillard Running A Fraudulent Ministry & Stealing From Their Fans?

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Can any of the Duggars be trusted?!

According to a new report, Jill and Derick Dillard are NOT legitimate missionaries and therefore all the donations they’ve collected to support their “mission work” in El Salvador are bogus.

Basically, becoming a missionary is not a simple task. For Derick, he would have had to earn an actual accredited degree and have completed a ton of Bible study courses to be certified — while Jill would have had to complete just a few Bible study courses from a real educational institution.

As of now, it’s obvious that the Dillards didn’t complete these requirements and therefore were rejected as missionaries by their respective “mega church” in Arkansas.

Yikes. If these two aren’t certified, then what are they doing in Central America with baby Israel? What about all of those donations the two frequently ask for on their “missionary website”?

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Needless to say, fans are ANGRY. One commentator slammed the pair, saying:

“You left in July for missionary work and in the three months you have been back twice and airfare is thousands! Now you are staying for a month to enjoy family and friends? You are not missionaries; you are grifters asking people for money so you don’t have to work.”

The former supporter brings up some good points! The couple have been back and forth to America ever since they left — who is paying for those flights? Also, aren’t they supposed to actually stay in the country they’re “helping”?

Sigh. Hopefully this will all be cleared up in their latest documentary with TLC.

As of now, however, all signs point to some deception going on… especially since Derick recently lied on Instagram about being a certified missionary. The father of one later admitted that the certification ceremony was just a prayer group.

Not to mention the Dillards just threw themselves a ticketed going away party and provided their paying guests with no food.

We bet somewhere at bible sex rehab Josh Duggar is thrilled that the negative attention is off him for once!

So, do YOU think the Dillards are lying?

[Image via Instagram.]

Oct 7, 2015 12:09pm PDT

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