Insurance Companies Offer Car Camera To Monitor New Drivers Behind The Wheel!

This is crazy! But we do have to admit – it could be helpful, at least for insurance purposes!

American Family Insurance has reportedly collaborated with California-based technology company DriveCam, and are offering parents the opportunity to place a video camera in their vehicles to monitor their kids’ driving habits!

The two-way camera is placed on the rear-view mirror, and tapes both the footage of the driver and the view of the road, as well as audio (above)! Its main purpose is that in case of an accident, there’s footage that can be sent to the insurance company to help verify the exact events that transpired.

Not a bad idea!

Granted, many young drivers are lashing out at the idea of a camera in their vehicle, claiming that it’s intrusive.

However, according to Phil Reed, senior consumer advice editor at car website

‘There├óΓé¼Γäós that Big Brother sort of stereotype associated with this system. But once teenagers know that the only way their parents are going to see any of the video is when they do something erratic in the car, then they become more open to using this. In fact, it could be considered less intrusive than some GPS devices that other insurers are experimenting with for teenage drivers.’

Inneresting! We’re kind of up in the air on how we feel about this – there are definitely a lot of pros, but does EVERYTHING really need to be that heavily monitored??

What do U think?? Is the DriveCam a good idea??

Jan 27, 2011 4:40pm PST

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