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The iPhone 6 Screen Is Going To Be Bigger AND It Looks Impossible To Break! Watch Video Proof HERE!

iphone 6 screen doodle
Gone are the days of putting a screen protector on your iPhone!
Why bother when your screen CANNOT be broken!
While there are no official specs from Apple, a tech talking expert has gotten his hands on a sapphire crystal screen reportedly straight off of the iPhone assembly line!
Marques Brownlee put a vid on his popular YouTube channel (below) where he reviews this super strong piece of glass!
He stabs it with it knife!
He tries to scratch it with his keys!
He even puts it under his foot and bends it at a 90 degree angle!
This thing will just not shatter!
Marques spoke more about the new display, explaining:

“Sapphire is an extremely high-quality material. It is really durable. This thing is paper thin. Like, literally the same thickness as a sheet of paper. Apple already uses sapphire in the iPhone 5S on the camera lens and the home button.”

And as for the size, the piece of glass Marques has measures 4.7 inches, compared to the 4 inch display the current iPhone boasts!
Bigger is better!
Get your first look at the new iPhone 6 in the video (below)!

[Image via YouTube.]

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Jul 10, 2014 21:01pm PDT

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