Tyga’s Influence On Kylie Jenner: Are The Kardashians Worried About Their Little Girl??

Kylie Jenner Instagram Selfie

Uh-oh, could trouble be brewing?

Kylie Jenner‘s been making headlines left and right, whether it be her relationship with 25-year-old rapper, Tyga, her lip filler, or allegedly being “high as f*ck,” — though she’s claimed this to be false on Twitter — she’s making sure to stay in the spotlight.

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We’re all for it, Kylie! But is this the right kind of attention?

Apparently, some of the family agrees and is a bit concerned regarding Kyles’ beau and his influence on her!

One of the 17-year-old’s friends reportedly said the Kardashians don’t see Kylie as being “out of control,” however, “a few are worried” about Tyga’s influence on her.”

Her pal went on to say:

“A lot of Tyga’s friends are enablers…Her parents know she is going to date who she wants, but they are worried he will have a negative impact on her decision-making.”

The reality star’s friend isn’t trying to throw her under the bus, in fact, they try to come to Kylie’s defense — kind of — by saying:

“[Kylie] is obsessed with the attention and knows that acting a little scandalous here and there will keep her in the spotlight,”

Well, in a roundabout way, we guess you have your friends back? What’s more important though, is it sounds like the Kardashian clan have Kylie’s best interests in mind. We just hope that everything can be smoothed over and they see Kylie’s just young and in love.

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We’re rooting for you girl, just keep doing you and follow her heart! And a little trouble never hurt anyone right? What do you think, is Tyga a good or bad influence?

[Image via Instagram.]

May 13, 2015 10:45am PST

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