Katy Perry Might Be Getting Turkey Paired With A Proposal From John Mayer On Thanksgiving!

john mayer katy perry getting engaged over thanksgiving

After apparently revealing all on her new album, will Katy Perry be ready to wed again??

John Mayer sure better hope so because we hear he’s gearing up to pop the big question to the lovely lioness in his life!

Although they had a rocky start, Katy and John have been almost inseparable and unable to contain their joy over their love. And now it seems that love might just boil over into a romantic proposal from John!

An insider has revealed:

“He’s proposing to her and he’s talking to a ring designer. By Thanksgiving, these two are set to be [engaged].”

What a way to spend the holidays!

But if he gets her a diamond for Thanksgiving, what the hellz is he going to do for Christmas?!

[Image via Craig Harris/WENN.]

Oct 18, 2013 3:19pm PDT