Ben Simmons Claims He Needs More Security Because Ex-GF Tinashe Is Following Him & Kendall Jenner Around

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NBA star Ben Simmons isn’t feeling things with ex-girlfriend Tinashe right now — in fact, he says she’s ruining his budding new romance with Kendall Jenner by showing up pretty much wherever the two of them go!

Sources tell TMZ that the Philadelphia 76ers star and his KUWTK model girlfriend are “seriously thinking of significantly beefing up security” in public to deal with what Simmons says is Tinashe’s continued presence at the same parties as the couple.

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This isn’t just coincidence, either — at least, not to Simmons, who claims Tinashe has shown up at WAY too many hot spots and parties where Kendall and Ben were for this to be coincidental.

There was Delilah on Thursday in El Lay, and Poppy in WeHo a few weeks before that. Ben says there are more places, more parties — and ultimately, way more Tinashe than he’d like.

The real worry for Simmons is that his ex is becoming possessive, and he claims he doesn’t want to take any chances — hence the push for extra security. Regardless, Simmons and Tinashe are in this deep, one way or another, and Kendall may just have to cope with it.

What a weird situation!!!

[Image via Instagram.]

Jul 9, 2018 10:57am PST

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