Kendrick Lamar, The N Word And That Fan! Shocking Meghan Markle News! AND…

Shocking Meghan Markle news!!

Should Kendrick Lamar have chastised that white fan singing the n word onstage with him at a concert?

Camila Cabello is calling out sick. What happened to the show must go on?

Things are getting very serious really quickly for Ariana Grande and her new SNL boyfriend!

Anthony Hopkins is one of the worst fathers!!

Avril Lavigne‘s billionaire boyfriend!

And much MORE, including Nick Jonas, Charlize Theron and Jersey Shore!

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MEGHAN MARKLE and Prince Harry to visit her father in Mexico:

KENDRICK LAMAR chastises fan for singing N words:

CAMILA CABELLO calls out sick:

ARIANA GRANDE and Pete Davidson get matching tattoos:

ANTHONY HOPKINS is a crap dad:

RONNIE ORTIZ and babymomma break up AGAIN:

AVRIL LAVIGNE’s billionaire boyfriend:

NICK JONAS and Bebe Rexha:

CHARLIZE THERON to play Megyn Kelly:

May 22, 2018 8:08pm PST

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