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Kim Kardashian's New Year's Resolution? To "Move On"

Here’s hoping she can do that.
No doubt the Kardashian family will never forget 2011. It was the family’s biggest year to date: financially, publicly and personally. Oh course, nothing that happened this year compares with Kim Kardashian’s fairytale wedding and not so happy ending, but gurl is hoping to put all of that behind her in the new year.
At her NYE party at Tao Las Vegas this weekend, she explained that the past year has taught her to “follow her heart” and be true to herself. Then, she added:

“I’m looking forward to moving forward and never looking back.”

Well, you can’t ever forget where you’ve been if you’re really going to move forward. Let’s hope you’ve learned a real lesson about love and fame and how sometimes, those two things just don’t mix.
[Image via WENN.]

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Jan 02, 2012 15:10pm PDT

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