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Chicago Bulls Mascot Steals Rival Fan's Girlfriend On The Kiss Cam!!

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When you’re on the kiss cam, there’s only one thing you’ve gotta do: kiss!
It’s kinda an unwritten rule of life that no matter what, if you appear on the kiss cam, you better lock some lips!!
If you don’t, well, let’s just let this video show what happens!
At a Celtics vs. Bulls basketball game, the kiss cam filmed a couple in the crowd… but the guy, a Celtics fan, was on his phone.
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After being a jerk to his girlfriend, Benny the Bull, the Bulls’ mascot, steps in! And steals the guy’s girlfriend!!
It’s clearly staged but that doesn’t make it any less funny! Also… did anyone else notice what the score was? Heh heh.
Check out the video (below) to see some epic girlfriend thievery!

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Jan 05, 2015 17:53pm PDT

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