Lindsay Lohan’s Latest Arrest Drama Was Caught By Hotel Surveillance Cameras!


Wonder if Lindsay Lohan is still trying to claim she didn’t even know she hit anyone with her car this morning until she was arrested!

Especially since there’s no need for witness reports anymore!

NOW, there’s SURVEILLANCE footage of the entire incident!

That’s right, authorities have now been able to review the video from The Dream Hotel, which according to sources, shows the troubled actress driving down a ramp into the hotel toward the club entrance, when the alleged victim was, as detectives describe, “grazed” while walking in the pedestrian path she had to cross!

Thankfully for her, gurl was driving extremely slowly, but the footage shows the man then sprinting after the vehicle, although unable to get too close to her as she drew a crowd when she exited the car!

Of course, this not only calls into conflict what she said earlier about never leaving the car, but according to insiders, cameras also caught her leaving the club only minutes after arriving to go back to the Porsche Cayenne, staying in it for a short time, and then going back inside again.

What was going on THERE??

All we have to say is that regardless of what exactly went down between she and the alleged victim this evening, innocent people should have nothing to lie about!

And yet again, she’s been caught doing just that!

It just never seems to end…

Tisk, tisk, tisk!

[Image via WENN.]

Sep 19, 2012 12:22pm PST

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