Mark Ruffalo Finds His Inner Tony Hawk! Check Him Out Skateboarding Around A Playground!

Mark Ruffalo skateboarded around a playground in NYC with his family.

When we mention Mark Ruffalo skateboarding around a New York City playground, it sounds a little odd.

If we add that he was there with his wife, Sunrise, and his daughter, Bella, things make a little more sense!

The 46-year-old Incredible Hulk actor and father was living it up at the West Village playground, clearly very happy to be outside with his family.

It’s super impressive he was able to skateboard because that board was soooo tiny! His feet were hanging off the end of it but he still somehow kept his balance.

Mark seems like he’s actually pretty decent at skateboarding… did he ever do a skater movie? Maybe he’s preparing for a new movie where the Incredible Hulk is cool and appeals to kids because he skates in his free time or something!

JK, that sounds awful, we hope that never happens. LOLz!

Lookin’ cool, Mark! L8r sk8r!

[Image via Buzz Foto.]

Mar 24, 2014 6:32pm PDT

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